Daily Prompt: Sacred

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It carries so much weight,
not just valuable,
but beyond measure
Like the land we walk upon,
the Earth we are floating on
Sacred Soil,
Sacred Ground,
Sacred Space
All the things that spring forth,
Sacred Trees and Flowers
Sacred Water and Sacred Air,
A Sacred Promise
All encompassing,
Growing and Shrinking
Cannot fit in a suitcase, show weight on the scale, or be picked up and put away
Sacred without limits,
Sacred without conditions
The Sacred Gift of Existence,
Free Will and the Eyes to see


Discover Challenge: One, Two, Three!

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The number are everywhere, speaking their own language
As the plants grow, the numbers flow
Golden sunflower seed spiral knows
Perfectly perfected into the most efficient design
Sunflower knows Fibonacci
Ammonite knows, Banana knows, Apple core knows
Cells in my big toe, and my blue eyes know
The path of least resistance is the only way to go
Optimize the space allotted
8 fingers, 2 thumbs, 5 digits total
3 bones per 1 finger
2 bones per 1 thumb
Even our hands know




Daily Prompt: Chaotic

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Chaotic Life

Alarm didn’t go off,  late to wake, and frazzled before even getting out of bed.
Coffee taking forever to brew, just hoping for time to enjoy a cup.
All the clean shirts have patterns clashing with the patterns on the skirts and the colors in the pants. Shoes that don’t match. Just 1 that you to want to wear but you need 2 shoes to leave the house. The cat wants food too. Not to mention you need groceries. Pile of books in the corner to return to the library. Another stack in the corner waiting to be read. A notebook of random ideas once written but now abandoned. People to call, when is the last time I talked to my Dad? Letters to write, did I miss my brother’s birthday? What about all the dust on the shelves and the plants that need water. When is the last time I sorted my mail? Where is that bill I am suppose to pay? Does the car need gas? Where am I going today? Wishing life was simple instead of this cluttered, confusing, chaotic mess.

Give Thanks Now, Always, and All Ways…

Today is Thanksgiving 2016. Americas traditionally set aside today to spend with their family and friends feasting and drinking. The goal of today is to make sure we stop to give “Thanks”. Funny how very American that we need to set aside a specific day to give thanks. We are a very fluid culture. We spend so much time thinking about the next thing we want to have,  accomplish or create that forgetting the actual moment we are in now is a common error. This error is certainly not limited to American culture but somehow I think tribal communities in the remote rain forest of Brazil have more time and appreciation for their present moments because it is less cluttered and complicated than typical American life, or industrialized life anywhere. Just being alive, here, in whatever moment you are in, where ever you are in the Universe gives an abundance of things to be grateful for.  I am so grateful for so many things, even the most basic of things. I can emotionally think about the wonderful air molecules that I am able to breathe and how happy each breath makes all the cells in my body. Take a small bite of bread and try to become fully aware of the sunshine and rain that grew the wheat, the farmer who tended the field, the factory worker who  helped with bread production, the truck driver who delivered it, the grocery store worker who put it out, the car I drove to get the bread, the plate and the knife I have to prepare it, the mouth to chew it, the taste buds to enjoy it, the stomach to digest it. The beauty of life I was given. Just breathing and taking a single bite of bread gives me so many things to give thanks for now, all days and always.

Moving Rocks

When getting ready to move to Ohio, the moving company wanted an idea of how much stuff we had. How many rooms of stuff? How much furniture? I had to explain that we really didn’t have a lot of large furniture or big items but we had quite a few rocks that needed to come with us. Honestly, trying to explain that to a large scale moving company was a little awkward. If you don’t collect rocks, you  too might wonder, why would you move rocks from Florida across the country to Ohio but the rocks needed to make the journey too. You can’t just leave a crystal behind, or chucks of petrified wood. or a cluster of Amethyst. Some crystals and pieces are like pets. They need good homes and helping to move them to the right homes is a part of the puzzle of all things moving across this planet on a daily basis. Eventually the rocks end up where they are suppose to be. They might have to take a long trip to get there, with many stops along the way, from the Earth in Brazil to sunny Florida, to snowy Ohio.

Energy Bursts- Universal Fire

There exists around us an immeasurable amount of energy,  fueled by the infinite fire of the universe. Energy flashing, bouncing and bounding erratically in unpredictable patterns all around us. Some seen, some unseen, some felt in the tiny hairs along our arms and the back of our necks. The chains of molecules with their atoms linked together float all around, inside of us and outside of us. We are made of them and so is the chair we are sitting on and the floor we are walking on. Nucleus inside your eye and nucleus inside your toe, they all know what to do. Gazing with wonder so many questions arise and you dream of proof.  Dreams do come when sleep washes over parts of our many pieces and we see roads, windows, and stairs. We see chains of stairs, like molecules held together by chemical bonds to form the atoms. We see with atoms that are asleep and yet awake. Sudden burst of clarity and energy strike like bolts of lightning coming down from the sky.


Amazing Mineral Harder Than Diamonds

Most people believe diamonds are the hardest mineral but there is a little known mineral called “lonsdaleite” that has been tested at 58% harder than diamonds.  It forms in nature when meteorites containing graphite strike the Earth. The immense and intense heat generated by meteorite impact and the impact stress transforms the graphite into diamond, but it retains graphite’s hexagonal crystal lattice creating “lonsdaleite”. Lonsdaleite was first identified in 1967 from the Canyon Diablo meteorite, where it occurs as microscopic crystals associated with diamond. It is named in honour of Kathleen Lonsdale.